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While in London this summer I dropped by Albam at the Spitalfields location. I was so excited to go by the store to browse and drool.

Early July, turning the corner I spotted two very stylish men relaxing on a bench in the London sun, then looking up I see the sign “Albam”, and upon finding the store my excitement was at its peak. I turned and entered into a store that is clean in design, warm, and welcoming. I browsed forever in hope that something would fit but nothing from Albam will ever fit me, I can only dream. Spending way too long in the store I learned from the friendly and knowledgeable Albam employee that the fall/winter 2012 collection is going to be fantastic! Asking way too many questions I finally leave, with no purchase in hand but so satisfied with my Albam experience.

Now at the end of August we finally get a chance to see Albam’s Fall/Winter 2012 line, and is it fantastic? No doubt! Still a young brand, they have truly stamped their footprint on the market. With designs that are consistently clean and understated, the fall/winter line beings a new design experience.  According to an interview with an Albam designer on the company’s blog, this line is a new beginning, taking the Albam image to a new level. A new journey but with the same design ideals that makes Albam great “honest, confident, considered, technical and pure” (Albam designer interview).

Highlights: Pop of color and pattern.


Always clean and classic! Perfection!


Beautiful knits.


Now available in store and online.

Check out the complete lookbook here.


This coat has beautiful clean lines and a simple interesting trim. From The Kooples, a hip modern French brand, inspired from the mixing and matching between a couples clothing. I feel The Kooples is part of a new wave of designers that cater to the hip young and wealthy consumer. This consumer loves a classic design that has an interesting element, the quality, location of assembly, and raw materials sourcing are all important. It is not about fast fashion anymore, it is about looking the part, helping local artisans, and the search of classic wardrobe building pieces. Even if The Kooples does not fit all of these criteria, I feel they still rank within this group. The designs are androgynous and the men’s and women’s line coordinate. The marketing is fantastic in using real couples as models. While in Paris I could not get enough of this brand, they are everywhere from Galeries Lafayette to over 30 boutiques just in Paris. Soon to be coming to the states, I am so excited! The Kooples is ultra hip, young, classic, and luxury.

On that note, what a great costume design for Jim Moriarty! In a recent online shopping session I came across a great coat that could be a nice women’s alternative for The Kooples coat.

This coat from AllSaints Spitalfields is a classic crombie coat, wool blend, with a stand up leather trim collar, very clean lines, and external darts on the back.

Check out the Aleggro Coat here!

“it’s all regulation Michael, to get the top right the pants had to be a little snug” 

Buster Bluth, prone to panic attacks, lost his hand to a loose seal, and the youngest of the Bluth family. This amazing character is from the critically acclaimed television show Arrested Development. Ending in 2006 this television show has lived on through the love of fans and the hope of a movie. Fans received good news in 2011 that the Bluth’s will be back in 2013, and in light of many exciting new images from Ron Howard and Jason Bateman, I wanted to reflect on the wonder that is Buster Bluth and his high fastening pants, wait I mean costume designs!

Buster “Byron” Bluth starts his journey as a motherboy and ends his journey as a motherboy. Buster’s costumes stay safe, just like Buster’s lifelong wish. When we first meet Buster his color palette is mostly pastels, consistently wearing a collared shirt, patterned most of the time, and brightly colored pants. Within the first few episodes the look of Buster Bluth is completely establish.

Buster in the pilot episode with family

The Bluth children

Buster in stripper clothes borrowed from G.O.B.
“it’s all regulation Michael, to get the top right the pants had to be a little snug”

An important change in Buster comes from a loose seal, the seal wearing the yellow bow tie that bites off his hand. Not only does the characters life completely change, his coloring and design change. Due to the hook or fake hand that Tony Hale needs to wear, the costume team must cut the sleeve to lengthen and cover his real hand. After the loss of his hand, Buster Bluth almost always wears a piece over his button down shirt, the costume piece shown here illustrates how they would add length to the sleeve. The sleeve is cut and then taped to the correct length.

One of my favorite Buster ensembles

The loss of Buster’s hand is the turning point for the character and with this the color palette changes. The sweaters become dark, more adult and sophisticated but the brightly patterned shirts are still a staple. After a long battle of family alienation, low self-esteem, and Tobias’s “analraping” Buster is able to stand up for himself and grow a little, still a motherboy but that’s why it’s called Arrested Development.

Thank you to the Balboa Observer-Picayune for the screen shots. Do check out this great site they are a fans one and only stop for Arrested Development information.

The true summer vacation has just started for me, though I have been off since the end of May it finally feels like the summer vacations of high school, the lazy kind with no work. I don’t know who has cared to visit my little blog but THANK YOU and sorry I have been away for so long. If you care to read on about what has been keeping me away from my blog go ahead and read below! If not, no worries, I’ll be back very shortly for more costume design fun!

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