Sherlock: Sarah Sawyer

Zoe Telford plays Dr. Sarah Sawyer, coworker and love interested of John Watson. Sarah Arthur the costume designer for Sherlock did a wonderful job at visually defining the character of Sarah Sawyer. To the credit of Sarah Arthur she defines Sawyer’s image in only a few scenes and it is reinforced every time.

I loved the very feminine image of Sarah Sawyer, many of the pieces she wears have small details that make the costume designs exceptional. All the skirts worn by Sawyer have a pattern, worn with traditional blouses with small embellishments. What Sarah wears to work is classic with modern designs like a double collar and small pleats at the arms. Sarah’s color palette is mostly earth tones, similar to many of the other characters, and few wear bright colors.

Simple blouse with a double color and pleats at the arms, these small embellishments take this blouse up a notch. Just like the character the blouse is distinct and classic. Worn by a woman who clearly understands who she is and the image she wishes to convey.

Very feminine blouse, three buttons covering the shoulder, puff sleeves, pleats down the front, and with a peasant influence.

I searched for the pieces worn by Sarah Sawyer, it is a difficult task and I came up with nothing. I did find wonderful pieces that were similar in design with a greater color range. If as a viewer you are interested in Sarah Sawyer’s look here are some pieces that can help your wardrobe have a touch of Dr. Sarah Sawyer.

Each shirt is classic with a fashionable twist. Click the image to check out larger images and to buy the shirt.

The skirts worn by Sarah are straight and a line skirts with embellishments.

Interesting wide waistline, feminine bow embellishment, bow pattern, gathered giving volume, and pockets.

Large embellishment in front at waistline and pleats add a pleasing design with practical pockets. Again the skirt has a patterned fabric, adding a visually pleasing and flattering element.

Click to buy or for larger image.

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  1. Havent seen this yet!
    do like the skirt she wears in the first set of pics 🙂

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