Sherlock Series 2: Irene Adler

The first trailer of Sherlock, A Scandal in Belgravia has arrived and like any Sherlock fan I am extremely excited! The story looks fantastic but what really caught my eye were the costumes, specifically Irene Adler’s. There is not much in the way of costume for Irene Adler for most of the trailer but there are two shots of Adler wearing beautiful green lace dressing gown and an embellished black dress or blouse (no full length shot).

Thank you to Sherlockology for posting the trailer

The beautiful green lace peignoir, the peignoir was commonly worn when combing ones hair back in the 1800’s. Today the peignoir is also known as a dress gown and many times will be made from a sheer fabric. I researched to find that specific peignoir and found absolutely nothing. I did find a wonderful vintage piece (no longer available) that was very close to the peignoir worn by Irene Adler.

From empressjade’s etsy, check out her other cute vintage clothing.

Adler’s peignoir has bat wing sleeves with trim lining the neckline and made from a devilishly sheer fabric.

What is in Irene Adler’s closet?! I am dying to see all her clothes.

If you would like a peignoir of your own with hints of Irene Alder check out this peignoir. Designed by Carine Gilson she is known for having the ultimate underwear, Gilson uses high quality textiles and haute couture techniques to making mouth-wateringly gorgeous lingerie. Check out her website, the highlight of the website is the collection of images showing her lines from summer 2008 to winter 2012.

Check out Carine Gilson or buy here:


Carine Gilson 

Buy the peignoir from net-a-porter 

Empressjade’s Etsy Shop


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  1. sunnivac said:

    I don’t like these new Holmes movies, I love the old ones starring Jeremy Brett though! This thing with Irene Adler irritates me in the new movies, because originally, Irene isn`t the “sexy enemy”, but “the woman”, meaning that she originally is described as a beautiful, mystic, musically talented woman, recurring only in one story (a scandal in Bohemia), the only woman Sherlock was ever remotely drawn to…
    So, not even the characters are like in the books, not to mention the stories… But well, I guess the lacy night-gowns and seductive dresses are beautiful enough 😉

    • Rowann said:

      But Adler was always supposed to be dangerous, “resolute” and shrewd, to throw Sherlock of his guard. What does that leave us with, transposed to the 21st century? I mean, in 1888 a woman being as accomplished and independent as Irene Adler was unusual and “scary” in and of itself, but nowadays what is more threatening to a man than a sexually confident (and even aggressive) woman? This is an adaptation to a different era, stories and characters can’t stay exactly the same, even more so with female characters because so much has changed for women since then. But I guess if you don’t like the concept of modernization of the books in the first place it makes sense that you wouldn’t like this, to each his/her own I suppose 🙂

  2. Eric J. said:

    Can you possibly identify the black lace robe (or possibly peignoir) that Irene Adler was wearing when we first saw her? We only saw her from the back as she was about to go in to her Royal customer..

    • I will definitely look into it, but finding the costumes can be very hard at times. Have you checked out They have a lot of great info and tend to be more lucky at finding things than I am. If I do find any info, I will post asap 🙂

      • Eric J. said:

        I’ve asked them too- just covering all the bases. 🙂

      • Oh very awesome 🙂

      • it is your lucky day! The black lace dress has been identified, I am waiting on some information (lets hope I get it), but I will be posting about it once I get the information.

  3. Thanks for featuring my vintage peignoir on your blog! I really enjoyed this post. The sheer green peignoir in the show is no doubt one of a kind however I often see very similar vintage ones but usually in feminine “girly” shades; white, peach, pink. I do love vintage lingerie!

    • Thank you! I love your vintage peignoir, it was the closest I could find to the green one. Vintage lingerie is very awesome, not much like it today! btw love your other vintage items!

  4. I’ve been dying as well to find out who made that gorgeous emerald green peignoir. I hope to find something similar for myself!

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